I live in Stockholm, Sweden and have worked in most areas of Animations ranging from Game, Film to Commercial, but most of my career has been in the computer game industry working from AAA titles to mobile games.

I'm open for any animation challenge and love to work on pushing character animation in games. The past few game projects I have worked on have been quiet heavy MoCap driven and a big focus on "Performance capture" and raising the realism in those titles.The Show-reel below is a collection of my animation work. All the 3d Animation is keyframe, and a mixture of Game, Film and Commercial.


Recent work


Some character animation work on the Dutch film while working at Fido. Imdb link

Hooper PBS bumpers

Character animation work for Bully Entertainment on their Hooper bumpers.

The Hunter

Some of the animal animations I made while working on the hunter at Expansive worlds.

Weight Lifter

A 2d animation I mage in my spare time, where the dumbells get the better of the lifter.